site specific out of doors sketches in bronze surreality carvings

Dual Rift – Mixed media 10'x15'x8'

Scott Boyd has been working in various media including wood, marble, steel, and bronze since 1980. He received a B.A. from Reed College and an M.F.A. in sculpture from Yale University. He has also studied sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, and marble carving in Tinos, Greece, as well as in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Boyd’s work has been exhibited in
New York, NY; Boston, MA; Portland, OR; New Haven, CT; Garrison, NY
and Paris, France. Boyd lives and works in Stowe, VT.


"I’ve always been interested in how
we look at the world; what forms our perspective; what it is that creates, controls or expands our perspective
on things. How does changing our perspective alter the nature of what
we perceive? I like to incorporate the idea of perspective into my sculpture and create works that open up on a number of different levels in the
process of the viewer's engagement with them.

My sculptures are sourced from ideas that draw on my various interests, intuition, experience and curiosity.
The work is as much about an idea as
it is about material space or volume. The idea, more often than not, determines the medium.

The work reflects the time and space available. Large installation pieces
can suggest the idea of location as perception; wall sculptures become
3-dimensional drawings; and carvings express an abstract or figurative curiosity.

I think of sculpture as a dialectic between form and intention. A way of thinking, through which contradiction becomes a starting point, rather than
a dead end, for contemplation and development. I’m attracted to ideas
that invite different approaches to perspective and question the way
one looks at and assimilates visual information.

My sculptures, in many ways, are arguments seeking to resolve themselves.”


For further information contact:

Scott Boyd



Exposed 2015, Outdoor Group Show: Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT 2015
Exposed 2013, Outdoor Group Show: Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT 2013
Exposed 2012, Outdoor Group Show: Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT 2012
Current 2011, Outdoor Group Show: Boscobel, Garrison, NY 2011
Helen Day Art Center, Group Show: Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT 2008-2015
Collaborative Concepts, Outdoor Group Show: Garrison, NY 2007
Garrison Art Center, Group Show: Garrison, NY 2001-2008
West 14th Street Studio, Group Show: Meatpacking District, NYC 1992-2000
RMMR Studio: West 14th St., NYC 1992-1994
Ridge Street Gallery, One-man Show: 125 Ridge St., NYC 1990
Ridge Street Gallery, Group Show: 125 Ridge St., NYC 1989
ABC No Rio, “The Mother Show”: 156 Rivington St., NYC 1986
ABC No Rio, “Vote/Veto - Art & Politics”: 156 Rivington St., NYC 1985
Falmouth Artist Guild, Falmouth, MA 1983
Boston Visual Artists Union:Boston, MA 1982
Yale University, Group Show: New Haven, CT 1980-1981
Reed College, Thesis Show, Portland, OR 1979
L’École des Beaux Arts, Group Show: Paris, France, 1978