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Portrait of a Barn
Wood 4.25'x5'x4' x 3

The Outdoor Sculpture Installations exhibition, organized by Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm in Garrison, New York.

"According to Eric Arctander, one of the organizers of the exhibition (and one of its artists as well), before accepting any artist’s proposal, the artist had to visit the farm, in order to encourage work that responds to, and takes full advantage of its unique setting.

This strategy has paid off in a number of cases, perhaps most spectacularly with Scott Boyd’s Portrait of a Barn, a series of three white-painted wooden modules that abstractly emulate the mass/shape of a barn (think Monopoly houses), lined up on a steep hillside. If you hike up beyond the three forms, to the uphill side of the group, you realize that from a particular angle of view, they line up perfectly with an actual large white barn on the property, which sits across the hollow, on a hill opposite. The artist has accommodated the shift in scale by sizing his modular barns to visually match the apparent size of the real one, offering a startling perceptual experience that updates the ideas of both Minimalism and site-specificity".

Art Where the Cows Come Home
by Beth E. Wilson
September 25, 2007

Chronogram Magazine